Chiropractic for Life

Coach Mel Batterman - AMP Personal Fitness, LLC

Expert ​Personal Fitness Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, and Nutrition Specialist
Independent Health and Wellness Professional and Professional Network Entrepreneur

Bachelor Degree - University Wisconsin Platteville
Certifications: Personal Fitness Trainer (CFT), Personal Lifestyle Fitness Coach (PLFC), Certified Nutritionist (CN), Nutrition & Weight Management Specialist (NAWM), Personal Fitness Program Director (PFPD), Sports Conditioning Specialist (SCS), Group Fitness Instructor (GFI), Indoor Cycling Instructor (ICI), Health & Fitness Program Supervisor (HFPS), Health & Fitness Program Manager (HFPM), Principles of Health & Fitness Specialist, Road and Mountain Bike Coach, Independent Beachbody Coach, COBRA Self Defense Instructor, and Certified in CPR, First Aid & AED.  

Coach Mel networks and develops personal and professional relationships to enhance the lives of many through health, wellness, and business. 

For the past 19 years Coach Mel has been in the health and wellness industry, as a personal fitness trainer, sports conditioning coach, lifestyle coach, and nutrition and weight management specialist. With 21 plus certifications, health and fitness has been her passion. She is also an independent health and wellness professional and network marketing entrepreneur within the billion dollar health and fitness industry. 

Other Highlights:
- Corporate Health and Wellness Speaker
- Entrepreneur
- Worked with Professional to Amateur Athletes
- Retired Semi-Pro Road Bike and Mountain Bike Competitor
- Worked with and coached over 300 people for weight loss, athletic competitions, and more.
- Have changed the lives of many with major injuries or congenital issues so they could live longer healthier lives
- Live daily to End the Trend of Obesity, Poor Nutrition, and motivate people to exercise and be healthy
- Helped people grow their at home business’ within the health and wellness industry

Coach Mel can help you find your Purpose, Grow Personally and Professionally, as well as get results with your health, wellness, and life goals.  

Contact Coach Mel at 702-277-9954 or email at